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Writing is a Hobby. As such, it is intended primarily for the writer's enjoyment. Still, it is very gratifying when you learn that a particular reader liked a story you weaved or found your work entertaining or even enlightening.  

The two titles below are available for your pleasure.  

My first book, Pandemic, is a 'what-if' exercise. As most adults will remember, shortly after the 9/11 attack there was a less traumatic but equally frightening event - the anthrax scare - which created havoc with mail delivery and generated temporary panic at all levels of society. It turned out to be just a deranged loner, but what if this had been a well-planned, well-funded, careful terrorist act, involving a real contagious agent? The result was a work of fiction that readers have found eye-opening.   

On the Banks of the Zambezi is a much more personal story. Growing up in Portugal during the tail end of the Portuguese colonial empire, I remember a period of anxiety and fear that is being lost in the younger generations. While the dictatorial government in Lisbon stubbornly tried to hold on to the shadows of former glory, a generation of frightened young boys was shipped from their homeland to places like Angola, Mozambique, Guine-Bissau and Timor to fight a war they knew nothing about. As fate would have it, years later I married a refugee from one of those places - Mozambique -  who had experienced, first-hand, the horrors of the colonial war and the civil war that followed the young nation’s independence. Her personal story, as the child of white parents attempting to carve out a living in the interior of Africa, is quite fascinating by itself. On the Banks of the Zambezi is based on actual stories, an attempt to tell a piece of Africa’s history that has not been well recorded, in a way that makes it real.

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