Pandemic is a provocative fictional thriller. It deals with the impact on society of a global viral outbreak - the result of a terrorist act, plotted over several years, and intended to disrupt the fabric of modern civilization.  In Pandemic, a small international terrorist team obtains and modifies a deadly virus. Under the cover of a legitimate business, the group releases the pathogen into major population centers where it quickly spreads, upsetting the lives of ordinary citizens and changing the global economic and social landscape. 

The terrorists are driven by twisted motives – environmental fanaticism, greed, religious extremism, personal vengeance – but their planning is thorough and unhurried. They are smart, educated, careful, cunning, and devious. When they are finally ready, the chaos they unleash is so sudden and widespread that the available medical and security emergency systems become immediately overwhelmed. The social, economic, and political upheaval is instantaneous and global. If not for the courageous actions of a doctor who resurrects a long-forgotten and risky medical emergency practice, the impact would have been much worse. But the effects are deep and long-lasting, and society as we know it is changed. 

The topic dovetails nicely with two of today’s main social fears: a widespread biological outbreak and global terrorism. The book deals with both issues in a way that is believable and informative, with a plot that keeps the reader eagerly turning each page. 

Pandemic is also a human story. It is the individual struggle to suppress fear and survive, the selfless drive to help others in distress, and the tragedy of normal citizens turned into forces of evil by twisted motives. If the plot is thought-provoking, thrilling, and frightening, it is because it is also plausible.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Title: Pandemic

Author: J. A. Lourenco

Category: Fiction/thriller

Words: 83,000 (approx)

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What Readers Are Saying


"Once I picked up the book, I could not put it down. I found myself reading it late into the night and finished it in two days. I was fascinated by the plot, as well as the human side of the story, while terrified at the prospect of such plausible events. Today's advances in science and technology are essential to our society. However, if used by the wrong people, they can bring about much destruction. [The author was] able to articulate this point beautifully and in a very compelling manner." Dina Matos McGreevey, Former First Lady, New Jersey 

"Take an angry environmentalist... mix her with other radicals of various persuasions... shake with scientific expertise and see what happens. This is a tight, interesting account that could have been ripped from the headlines." - The Star-Ledger

"A superbly written fiction that could soon be the stuff of newspaper headlines" - ***** - Midwest Book Review 

"What a terrific book! Pandemic grabs you emotionally and doesn't let go. You don't feel for the characters as much as you feel for yourself. September 11 has raised our awareness regarding the potential destructive power of planned terrorism, and this book brings it alive in a way that chills you to the core and leaves you mumbling: 'This could really happen.'" -

"I began reading the evening before last. I found it so riveting that I literally used every waking moment between then and this very moment to finish it. A great piece of work! The events were certainly plausible and believable. The human side of the story is especially compelling." - Attilio Granata, MD, MBA, Associate Clinical Professor, Yale Univ. School of Medicine

"The reality of the 'Hot Zone', the current science of 'Prey' makes this a must read for anyone concerned about bio-terrorism. This is one of the scariest books I've read in a long time. It also thought provoking. I hope our world leaders are taking a good hard look at the possibilities raised. Highly recommended." - Arline Most, Director, Long Hill Township Public Library

"Pandemic is really a terrific book.   I started reading it as if I were an editor but gave that up just to read and enjoy it.   I have read books from well known writers that weren't as good as this.   I liked how it flowed, the (plot) was unique, everything seemed plausible and the author seemed to have a real grasp on the subject.   Nice work!!  I enjoyed it thoroughly." - Kent Avery 

"Well written and realistic. Worth reading. While of course fictional, it is very easy to imagine this happening today. I was most impressed with the fact that the author did not present the political leaders as incompetent ideologues or power grabbing in a time of crisis. Instead, the author presented leaders and scientists presenting imperfect options in a uncontainable and evolving catastrophe." - Michelle H, Amazon review

"I love pandemic fiction, but 99% is the same cookie-cutter novel copied and pasted. … I wasn't expecting much…. However, after I started, I got completely hooked and I couldn't put it down. I liked how it showed the progression of a somewhat sane person into an insane environmentalist, how a young man got roped into a terrorist group by promises of glory and religious fulfillment, and the effects of the pandemic on the population and the terrorists families, who didn't know their children's plots until it was too late to save anyone. A fascinating novel, and I can't believe it doesn't have more reviews!" - Karen Elizabeth, GoodReads review